How to get my counters replaced with minimal disruption to my existing Kitchen

How to get my counters replaced with minimal disruption to my existing Kitchen


The countertop replacement business has become a big part of the Kitchen remodeling industry. More customers have decided to stay longer on their current homes, and perform some basic updates on countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, without the need to buy a brand new kitchen with cabinets. Most customers are primarily concerned with the total time needed to complete the project, and what would be the time needed to stay without an operating kitchen in this process.

Here at Stone Projects, we offer digital templating technology, which allows the customer to have their operating kitchen while their granite or quartz is being fabricated. We only request the customer to remove all items from the existing countertops during the template. The laser templating system takes accurate measurements, and creates a digital dxf. file for cutting. With digital templating, the customer can disconnect the existing plumbing on the same day of installation of new countertops, and have the plumbing reconnected on new countertops, on the day following the installation.

The template process takes about 1-2 hours, and after that, you can keep using your existing countertops, while the new ones are being fabricated.

Recently, I have noticed a large number of customers opting to paint their existing cabinets (usually white), and only replacing the countertops for either Quartz countertops, or Granite to prevent going through a full kitchen remodeling, which can be much more expensive. With the digital templating, you can paint your cabinets while the cabinets are being fabricated, or even after it is installed.

It is critical to have a good understanding from your fabricator about the process used, and the estimated time to have the new product installed, and managing the customer expectation is something we pay close attention to avoid frustration at the end.

Stone Projects is a fully automated fabrication shop, and we pride ourselves of a much smoother process from the beginning to the end, that allows our customer to stay with an operating kitchen while having new counters done.

We understand pricing is a very important factor selecting the right fabricator, but we aim to offer value, our customers can`t find in most competitors.

Come visit us with your kitchen or bathroom project plan, and we will be happy to educate you on the many available choices for natural stones, or quartz countertops, along with a great understanding of our fabrication process from the beginning to the end.




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