What should I consider when shopping for countertops?


I have been in the stone industry for the last 11 years, and like many other industries, it has evolved drastically. From huge declines in granite pricing, to new products, such as Quartz, it is undeniable that we have a total different landscape today than when I started many years ago.

Here at Stone Projects, we focus on educating our customers about the many options in the market place, and the difference between some products that we believe customers should pay attention to it. I will brake down some of the key areas I believe customers should be paying attention to it before buying their countertops.


  1. Is Quartz better than Granite? I am asked that question all the time, and the honest answer to that question in my opinion is that is no product better than the other. The natural stones have their pros and cons, as the quartz products as well. If you are looking for more consistency in colors, you should strongly consider quartz. If you are also looking for a 100% non-porous product, quartz is your product.  The only instant where I would recommend quartz over granite, or any other natural stone, would be in the case of a commercial application such as a lab, or a school, where due to high traffic, it is recommended a 100% non-porous surface. Other than that, for a regular household such as my house or yours, natural stones or quartz will make a beautiful countertop.


  1. Should I go to the cheapest quote, since I am getting the same product? I strongly recommend you to pay attention to this question. Even though, you will be technically getting the same product, there is a huge difference between processes from the many different custom fabricator shops you will be hiring. Here at Stone Projects, we are a fully automated shop, with digital templates, and state of the art equipment, from waterjet for cutting to CNC router for edge profiling. We pay attention to our process, and we believe it makes a big difference with the customer experience. Not all the shops out there have the same process in place, so it is critical to ask the company you are considering about their process from template to installation of your countertops.


  1. Make sure you know the difference between natural stones to quartz surfaces, and also all the available options in the market. Here at our showroom, we have displays with samples from all major quartz brands we carry, and we also have our own inventory of natural stones with full slabs for our customers to approve. Customers can also see sinks in display to visualize the finish product, and make a final determination on the final choice.


I believe that with the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet, and the personal agendas from every single manufacturer out there, trying to convince you that their product is the best, it is critical you choose a fabricator that will educate you about options and alternatives, before trying to sell you anything.

Please come visit us at Stone Projects, or contact us to schedule a free estimate, and we will make sure we guide you every step of the way towards building your beautiful new kitchen.




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