Where do I buy my countertops?

On this day and age of fast communication and access to information, it is still difficult to narrow down all the choices you have among many different products and vendors, and pick a company to take care of your countertop needs.

The good news is that with the evolution of the internet, you can do a lot of your homework from your home computer, even before you visit a showroom, or a stone yard to pick a particular material.

One thing still remains the same, which is the necessity you have as a consumer to feel comfortable with the vendor you will pick to take care of your project.

In the countertop industry, we have two major industries that dominate the market place today. The first one is the natural stone industry, where you will have over 100 different materials ranging from as low as $30.00 per square feet to close to $200.00 per square feet, depending on what you select. Most granite choices range between $40.00 per square feet to $80.00 per square feet.

The other industry that has gained a lot of momentum recently is the Quartz industry. Customers are looking more and more for the white quartz choices, and companies are creating more and more designs that resemble the look of the natural stone, with an additional dose of durability overtime, especially on the white colors. But after all these good product information, where do I buy my countertops?

I like to advise customers that price is a major factor on this equation, but it should not be treated as the most important one. It is important to remember, that either a countertop replacement, or a brand new kitchen will require hiring the right people to take care of your kitchen and your home with the highest degree of professionalism.

There is a lot of stories in the internet about individuals that selected a particular company based on the best price available, and experienced a total nightmare from the beginning to the end.

Here at Stone Projects, we take our commitment to customer satisfaction very seriously. We pride ourselves in offering you the best possible value and customer service you can find out there. We also understand the ability you have as a consumer to pick hundreds of different companies, and we appreciate you choosing us.

We like to educate our customers about the entire process, and also manage the expectation, to make sure what the customer is expecting from the project, is in line with what we, as a company will be offering you. A customer once told me, that it is really not that difficult. You really need to do the things you told the customer you are going to do, from the date and time you set up for template, from the material layout if needed, and all the communication with the office for material approval and installation dates.

When you are shopping for a vendor to do your project, I would recommend you to pay attention to the following:

1-Make sure the company is a reliable one, with positive reviews online, and a track record of success and many happy customers recently through customer reviews.

2-Make sure the company understands your needs, and has all the answers to all your concerns regarding, price, quality, schedule, and attention to detail.

3-Make sure the company is also familiar with the product you selected, and their answers to your questions are in line with the homework you had previously done regarding your choice.

Ultimately it comes down to you as a consumer feeling confortable with the company you choose to do your project. Here at Stone Projects we make sure you understand every detail about your project, and our process, before you give us your deposit on your project.



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